Put-in-Bay Wildflowers and Nature Trails

Top 3 Spring Wildflower Trails

Here are our Top Three Spring Wildflower Trails on Put-in-Bay (also known as South Bass Island), Ohio After an unusually chilly April, turns out Mother Nature was setting us up for an abundant and sudden spring. May is already buzzing with reports of some of the...

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Welcome to PutinBay

Head to the Light ~ Put-in-Bay Season Opener

Spring is building up. That soaring feeling as temperatures inch up, Mother Nature's colors replace memories of  winter's muted grays and browns. On Put-in-Bay, the Miller Ferries resumed 2018 service in early March, after months of a frigid, ice-locked season. Spring. Sunlight. Friends. And The Whiskey...

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Sporting Events at PutinBay & Middle Bass Island

Sporting Events List for the Lake Erie Islands

Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island 2017 Sports Events Attention sports fans! Whether you are an athlete or spectator, individual or team, you'll find it here at Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island, Ohio. Hop on a Miller Ferry & put a Lake Erie Island in your life. RACES June...

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Es PutinBay Golf Carts is Open

Fish Tales, Nature Trails and What’s Open on Put-in-Bay

What's Open on Put-in-Bay? Every weekend more island businesses open There is a nice variety of shops & restaurants open this weekend. Catch a ferry, rent a cart, grab a bite & take in the view during this laid back time of year at Put-in-Bay. Fintastic Fishing for Lake Erie...

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Miller Ferry Instagram sunset photos with views of lake erie

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Put-in-Bay Fix

Unless you’re one of the lucky few South Bass Island residents, a trip to Put-in-Bay might not always be part of your getaway plans.  Luckily though, there’s a few other ways to cure your island fever while you’re waiting to take that trip…and if you’re...

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Put in Bay Miller Ferry Pooch Parade dog in mini ferry

If I Were a Dog, Where Would I Go on Put-in-Bay? 

So you and your best pal Fido are thinking about coming to the island and have so many questions.  How do we get there?  Where do we go once we’re there?  Should we stop at the ATM beforehand for extra dog-related expenses?  Is there somewhere...

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South Bass Island Ohio at Sunset photo at the State Park

An Ode to the Whiskey Light

True to the norm spring weather on the north coast of Ohio has had its up and downs, yet one certainty that can’t rise and fall like the weather has us very, very excited — The dawn of yet another season at Put-in-Bay.  The one...

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Back to School means Back to Savings. Here’s Why:

It’s an all too familiar feeling.  Pre-season football is on TV, the yellow school buses are making their neighborhood rounds and everywhere you turn people are uttering that simple phrase most kids loathe — Back to school.  But fear not, Fall is not quite here...

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niagara lake erie

The Flagship Niagara is Returning to Put-in-Bay

You know how the old captain’s saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships,” but that doesn’t apply here.  Whatever the case we can’t help but spread the word because, well, we’re excited.  It’s not everyday that this majestic, historically significant Tall Ship graces the shores of...

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old forge putinbay

Put-in-Bay Treasures You Pyrates May Now Know About

It’s not officially summer yet based on the calendar, but it may as well be since the 2015 Put-in-Bay Pyrate Fest fires up this Friday.  Whether you’re a first time plunderer or a seasoned old salt, there may be a few hidden treasures on the...

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BoatHouse at PutinBay Ohio

Top 7 Places to Watch the NBA Finals at Put-in-Bay #ALLInCLE

We’d be remiss not to talk about the possibility of ending Cleveland’s agonizing 51-year professional sports championship drought.  LeBron James and the Cavaliers are without the doubt the best chance us northern Ohioans have had in a long time and we can’t lie, it’s pretty...

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Wildflowers with Perry's Monument

Put-in-Bay, Will You be my Valentine?

Dear Put-in-Bay, From the first time we laid eyes on you, we’ve been smitten.  Your beautiful limestone cliffs stretch out to the water’s edge giving us a wonderful reminder of just how long ago the glaciers etched their way across the Great Lakes and how much...

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Schedule Update

We are currently not running ferry service, but Spring is heading this way! Schedule updates will post here, also on Facebook & Twitter....

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My Midwest: Put-In-Bay, Ohio

"It’s pretty cool to ride out, just 20 minutes and be in this sort-of vacation paradise. I kept saying 'this is so random,' because I never expected such a place in Ohio." via LLWorldTour Even in winter, people are still talking about Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island.Miller...

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An Islander’s New Year’s Resolution for 2015

Put-in-Bay residents live on an island year-round because they love it, and not just in the summertime.  Can it get a little tough feeling island locked in the winter?  Of course, but it’s all part of the island experience.  The truth is, between making our...

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Miller Ferry Catawba Dock Terminal

Why We’re Thankful for Weather

Chances are you’ve heard someone say it already, but it’s hard to believe that the holidays are already upon us.  It seems like just yesterday we were soaking up the warmth of summer and watching the sun fall into Lake Erie around 9:00 pm.  However,...

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Halloween at Put-in-Bay Ohio

Five Themed Costume Ideas That Scream Put-in-Bay

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about melting ice and freeing the ferries.  Like always and every summer, time flies when you’re having a good time.  Don’t fret though, Put-in-Bay’s last big bash is this weekend and just to help you out, we’ve...

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Do You Want to see a 1,237-Pound Pumpkin?

Fresh off its debut in Hamilton, Ohio for the Pumpkin and Art Festival, Richard Warren’s behemoth gourd will make the trip aboard the Miller Ferry back home to Put-in-Bay for the island’s annual Oktoberfest in DeRivera Park. Perhaps one of the weirdest items ever transported on...

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Weekend Wine Tastes Better on an Island

It should come as no surprise that fermented grapes taste just a tad bit better at Put-in-Bay because let’s face it, everything’s more fun on an island.  With the Island Wine Festival slated for this Saturday, October 4 from 11pm - 6pm at the Put-in-Bay...

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A Little Island with Big Charm

Try asking someone what makes something charming.  You'll most likely get something like "I don't know, I just like it," or "It's just all about the feel."  Funny thing, one of the biggest reasons why we keep coming back to this little island in the...

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Celebrate Your Founder: Father’s Day at the Bay

He’s your biggest fan.  He’s your mentor.  He’s always there when you need him.  He’s one-of-a-kind.  So how do you celebrate someone that’s given you more than you could ever give back?  We’ll give you a hint and it’s not a DVD of Point Break,...

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Memorial Day with Walker Hayes and Tributes We Pay

Look at that, it rhymes.  Okay okay, back to the good stuff.  The weather is starting to get warm and the foliage on Put-in-Bay has come out to say hello.  The Miller Ferry has been shuffling locals and visitors across the western basin of Lake...

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Top Ten Signs That You’re Ready for Summer

You’re ready to get an aerial view of Lake Erie from 352 feet above atop Perry’s Monument.  Sunsets, boats and water occupy most of the space on your FaceBook and Instagram feeds…ps check us out on Pinterest. You have an insatiable taste for live music.  Daydreaming about kayaking...

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Free the Ferries

#FreeTheFerries Like you, we are impatiently awaiting the thaw. Credit - Mary L. Staley As winter comes to a close, we will miss ice fishing, snowmobiling and all of the wonderful island winter activities. [gallery ids="174,175,188"] We happily say farewell to the snow, as islanders put the finishing touches on...

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This State Has Legs…Ohio Wine By the Numbers

It’s that time of the year.  The 8th Annual Island Wine Festival will be held Saturday, October 5th, at Put-in-Bay.  Wine connoisseurs and representatives from wineries across the country will be on hand to sample the best of what each winery has to offer. Our locally...

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Means & Modes of Island Transportation at Put-in-Bay

If you’ve been to the islands you know.  If you haven’t, you’ll figure it out once you get here.  Getting around can mean choosing from a multitude of transportation options, some of which are unique.  Of course, walking is always the main option and quite...

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The Things We Carry

That familiar, but always fantastic lobster bisque at The Boardwalk.  Those mouth watering mint infused libations at Mojito Bay.  The sweet barbecue smothered brisket at T&J’s Smokehouse.  All of the edibles on South Bass Island that make your trip so enjoyable most likely have one...

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Top Five Places to Watch a Sunset at Put-in-Bay

What makes sunsets so special?  They happen every night, so they’re not exactly rare.  But despite their habitual nature and just like the people that visit the islands, no two are the same.  That’s why we love them.  Colorful, unique and packed with character, sunsets...

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Miller Ferry’s Memorial Day Walkthrough at Put-in-Bay

An example of what a typical Memorial Weekend day could look like once you arrive via the Miller Ferry. 7:45 am: A bit early?  Maybe, but it’s vacation and breakfast tastes better on an island.  Grab a roundtrip ticket on the Miller Ferry and hop on...

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