Middle Bass Island Lodging

Where can I stay on Middle Bass Island?

  • Middle Bass Island State Park


  • St. Hazard’s Resort

    sthazards.com / 800-837-5211

  • Inns, Hotels & Motels
  • St. Hazard’s Resort

    sthazards.com / 800-837-5211

  • Rentals
  • Anchor Lane Inn


  • Blue Sky Rentals Middle Bass

    blueskyrentals.com / 440-552-7112

  • Dieperink Rentals


  • J.F. Walleye’s Island Rentals


  • Middle Bass Inn


  • Roesch Vacation Rentals


  • Traveling to Middle Bass Island ~ Miller Ferries run passenger/vehicle ferries between Catawba and the island of Middle Bass in spring, summer, and fall. Vehicle reservations for Middle Bass are required and can be made up to two weeks in advance by calling the ferry office at 800-500-2421. Passengers heading to Middle Bass, do not need to make reservations. Here’s the link to Middle Bass Island Ferry schedule. The Miller Ferry trip to Middle Bass is a traditional ferry trip of 40 minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy the views of several Lake Erie islands and a close up view of the famed Ship House residence on the West Shore of Put-in-Bay.

    Or, if you are on Put-in-Bay, you can also hop aboard the water taxi the Sonny S for trips between The Boardwalk Dock on Put-in-Bay to Middle Bass Island.