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Put-in-Bay, Will You be my Valentine?

Wildflowers with Perry's Monument

Dear Put-in-Bay, From the first time we laid eyes on you, we’ve been smitten.  Your beautiful limestone cliffs stretch out to the water’s edge giving us a wonderful reminder of just how long ago the glaciers etched their way across the Great Lakes and how much history you have.  Your gorgeous natural harbor and perfect […]

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An Islander’s New Year’s Resolution for 2015

Put-in-Bay residents live on an island year-round because they love it, and not just in the summertime.  Can it get a little tough feeling island locked in the winter?  Of course, but it’s all part of the island experience.  The truth is, between making our own fun during the cold weather or relishing in the […]

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Five Put-in-Bay Places with Views That Will Take Your Breath Away

Anyone who’s ever set foot on the shores of Lake Erie or even seen a photo for that matter, knows that it’s one of Mother Nature’s finest, most beautiful creations capable of producing everyday awe inspiring panoramas.  Put-in-Bay, the freshwater island we feel most passionate about, exemplifies this propensity towards outdoor perfection.  So without further […]

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