Welcome to Miller Boat Line’s Media Page

Miller Ferries to Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island, Ohio invite members of the media and bloggers to contact us for information on our company’s operations and history, story ideas, as well as contact information for Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island. We offer ferry, island & history photos and B-Roll, please contact Cheryll Rose at crose@millerferry.com or call 800-500-2421 (ext. 229).


Katrina Reed, Communications Miller Boat Line
katrina@millerferry.com, 440-823-1230

Cheryll Rose, Marketing & Group Sales Miller Boat Line
crose@millerferry.com, 800-500-2421 (ext. 229)

Caiti Market, Communications Miller Boat Line
cmarket21@gmail.com, 800-500-2421

Julene Market, Owner Miller Boat Line
Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Billy Market, Owner Miller Boat Line
Put-in-Bay, Ohio