Passenger & Vehicle Service to Put-in-Bay & Middle Bass Island, Ohio

A Little Island with Big Charm

Try asking someone what makes something charming.  You’ll most likely get something like “I don’t know, I just like it,” or “It’s just all about the feel.”  Funny thing, one of the biggest reasons why we keep coming back to this little island in the western basin of Lake Erie is quite often one of the hardest things to describe.  So just for fun, let’s ramble a bit about a few of the little things that make Put-in-Bay so charming.
First, and it may sound odd, there are the smells.  Of course you could say that all of Lake Erie has a particular fragrance and most would be inclined to agree, but there’s just something about Put-in-Bay.  Maybe it’s the combination of the freshwater with wine basted chicken from Chicken Patio, but even wearing a blindfold you know exactly where you are when you set foot on Put-in-Bay, Ohio because of your nose.
Secondly, this quaint Victorian village’s colorful and storied past offers up a unique architectural heritage.  Whether it’s the Gothic peaked roof of the Carriage House or perfectly sphered Round House, Put-in-Bay’s buildings are as unique as the people visiting them.
Next there’s the history.  While sometimes we may not stop long enough to think deeply about it, every time you’re relaxing on the island sharing a cocktail at The Keys or having breakfast at Topsy Turveys, you’re standing in the footsteps of true American heroes.  Just think about that for a minute.  Commodore Perry and his brave men, the people responsible for our freedom on Put-in-Bay, probably had a conversation within your immediate vicinity.  How cool is that?  Thank goodness the wind switched on that fateful day in 1813 and we defeated the British.  Thanks Oliver!
Then there’s the views.  The sunsets, which we’re pretty sure place high in the running for most beautiful worldwide, are an everyday marvel that we’re privy enough to get to enjoy.  As we’re sure most would agree, watching that glowing orb melt into the cool waters of Lake Erie never gets old.  Besides the obvious there’s also places like DeRivera Park providing shelter from the sun under a canopy of maple and oak trees or Gibraltar Island with its magnificent limestone cliff faces.  So basically to sum it up in a nut shell, Put-in-Bay is gorgeous.
Last and certainly not least, there are the people.  Full of life and colorful, the locals that make up Put-in-Bay’s family not only welcome your family with open arms to their home, but do their absolute best to make sure you have the best time while you’re there.  Whether it’s a deckhand aboard the Miller Ferry making sure you arrive safely or the bartender at Heineman’s Winery giving you a history lesson, that classic midwestern charm is alive and well at Put-in-Bay.

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