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The Weather is Here, the Islands are Beautiful — Top 5 Things for Active Travelers to do on Put-in-Bay

Don’t tell Jimmy Buffet that we tweaked the title of one of his songs for our blog post.  Come to think of it, he probably wouldn’t mind.  Put-in-Bay is right up his alley and he’s quite the active guy himself.  Alright alright, enough about Jimmy, let’s get back on track.  The weather is indeed here which means it’s time to embrace the warmth of the sun, get outside and play.  Island style.

  1. Bring Bicycles – Alliteration aside, any busy traffic day can be avoided with the use of two-pedaled transportation and bicycles are especially useful if you plan to bring the young ones on an island voyage (Check out our new mileage map if you’re worried about the length of your journey).   What’s that?  You don’t own bikes?  That’s okay, Island Bike Rental near the top of Lime Kiln dock has you covered and we even have a special coupon for you on our website. (Link to Coupons)SAM_0587
  2. Explore the State Park – South Bass Island State Park is truly one of the island’s hidden gems.  It’s not that people don’t know it’s there, it’s just that a lot of island visitors never make it off the main drag to go check it out.  Surrounded by woods with a stone swimming beach on the front doorstep, this tranquil location is something every person must experience at least once.  It also faces southwest and you don’t need a compass to figure out that’s the direction of the sunset.  Enjoy.
  3. “Park” the Kids – Do you know where Will’s Playground is located?  Bet your kids do.  Well maybe not by name, but they know that it’s tucked away on the east end of DeRivera Park on the lakefront in the heart of the Village.  Lucky for you the central location is perfect.  Let’s see here — the Boathouse, T&J’s Smokehouse and Roundhouse are all ideally situated so you can enjoy that post-dinner cocktail all while keeping an eye on the kiddos.  Just some relaxing under a tree you say?  Will’s Playground also has picnic tables (great spot to snack) and restrooms.
  4. Walk on Water – Scheef Park, albeit a little less popular that South Bass Island State Park, is just as cool and contains a explorable reserve complete with a walking trail.  In fact we’ll let you in on a little secret.  If that water level is low, you can even cross a reef to a tiny neighbor island named Buckeye.  Now go, impress your friends with your newfound geography knowledge.
  5. Spread the Island Love – One island not enough?  The Sonny S and Boardwalk water taxi both depart from The Boardwalk and will take you to either Middle Bass or Gibraltar Island.  Roam around Middle Bass or educate yourself on OSU’s private science island, it’s your choice.  And don’t worry about leaving Put-in-Bay, it won’t get jealous.  You have to come back before nightfall. b8c9a2b8-d2df-4067-bf27-09d7504b567a

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