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Top Ten Signs That You’re Ready for Summer

  1. You’re ready to get an aerial view of Lake Erie from 352 feet above atop Perry’s Monument. mcpsmall
  2. Sunsets, boats and water occupy most of the space on your FaceBook and Instagram feeds…ps check us out on Pinterest.
  3. You have an insatiable taste for live music. 
  4. Daydreaming about kayaking through limestone cliffs and emerald green water is something that happens on a weekly basis. 
  5. You’ve secretly been disappointed when it turns out that your main form of everyday transportation is a car and not a golf cart, bicycle, or moped. 
  6. A friend came back from fishing and could not stop talking about catching smallmouth bass and you quickly got very excited because you thought they said “South Bass.” 
  7. You REALLY want to check out the new REEL Bar
  8. The term “mainland” is something you can’t wait to put back into your vernacular. 
  9. You’re ready for flip flops and sandals to become your main footwear option. 
  10. You can’t wait to set foot on the Miller Ferry! DSC00280

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