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After Shark Week Special Blog Post: Freshwater is Better Than Saltwater

DorSal Fins Don’t Scare You: Chances are the fin you’re seeing belongs to a creature much less threatening than a shark and while a carp may look a bit odd, at least they’re not above you in the food chain.
FresH water doesn’t leave you feeling sticky: Of course there’s a few folks that like the odd saltwater sheen after bathing in an ocean, but there’s a reason why most beaches have a shower head nearby.  Salt is for margaritas.  Give me Lake Erie.
Jelly fish Are something you get at the Candy Bar: Well technically they’re called Swedish Fish, but you get the point.  Portuguese Man-O-Wars and box jellyfish are reserved for places with a high salinity content, certainly not the Great Lakes.  So next time you get a little annoyed with a mayfly, just let the little Put-in-Bay Parrot hitch a ride because it could be much worse.
HeRons will not steal your catch: If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in Florida you know that pelicans are fascinating, beautiful creatures.  That is right up until you go deep sea fishing and arrive at the dock with your fresh catch only to be harassed by a grandstand sized horde of mouth breathing pelicans.  Don’t accidentally drop one of the groupers you just caught, because it’ll be gone in a heartbeat.  So thank you herons, for not being pelicans.
Tipping your Kayak is not troublesome: Let’s face it, sharks along with a lot of other ocean dwellers can be a bit menacing to us land lubbers.  Whether you’re openly afraid of the sea or not, there’s always that lingering feeling in the back of your mind about what possibly could be lurking underneath the abyss.  In Lake Erie? Not so much.  Tipping your kayak just means a bit of cool refreshment on a hot day.
Insider Tip:  Stop by the Fishbowl for a Shark Shot or rent a kayak at Kayak the Bay.

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