Historic Photo Gallery

South Shore Upper DeckFerry "South Shore" upper deck. Circa 1950.
 MV "South Shore"
"South Shore" at Catawba Dock. 
 Erie Isle Airways
Erie Isle Airways, present site of Put-in-Bay airport.
 Historic Hotel Victory
Hotel Victory.
I-LYA Regatta 1930Put-in-Bay harbor, I-LYA Regatta 1930.
Miller Boat Livery taxi vessel in foreground.
 MV "WM M Miller"
"William M Miller", Stone Lab on Gibraltar in background.
 Catawba Dock circa 1950's
"William M Miller" at Catawba Dock, circa 1950's.
Wm. M. MillerThe "William M Miller" at Catawba Dock.
Historic Brochure CoverCover of Put-in-Bay promotional brochure, circa 1950.
Ice Skaters on PIBSkate Sailors on Lake Erie.
The Golden EagleThe Golden Eagle on Middle Bass Island. Present site of Lonz Winery.
Bass Islands ArtBass Islands map showing "Pudding Bay". Some people theorize this name lends itself to present name of Put-in-Bay.
Bass Island CavesSouth Bass Island caves
People on ReefAlligator Reef, between Gibraltar Island and Peach Point, Put-in-Bay.
Burial Grounds1913 Naval regiment under the command of Oliver Hazard Perry. Photo depicts memorial tribute to fallen American and British sailors. Battle of Lake Erie.
Man in monument urnThe Great Bronze Tripod that tops the Perry's International Monument and Peace Memorial
Fox' Wharf Put-in-Bay, Ohio
Harbor and Shores Put-in-Bay, Ohio
Water TobogganBathers at Deisler's Beach, present site of beach next to Perry's Monument. The water toboggan in background. Circa 1916.
Water TobogganWater Toboggan at Deisler's Beach. 
Diesler's Bathing BeachDeisler's Beach, now present site of beach next to Perry's Memorial.     
MV South Shore 1970'sThis photo was submitted by Miller Ferry Facebook Fan Carl R. Secrest of his dad  in front of the "South Shore" taken sometime in the 1970's.

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