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Party palace in Put-in-Bay celebrates season
04/14/2014     by Vanessa McCray     Toledo Blade

Put-in-Bay tourism starts this weekend
04/09/2014     by Crystal Clark     Toledo News Now

Ferry traffic ends winter's grip on Lake Erie Islands
04/08/2014     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

Miller Boat Line resumes service
04/07/2014     by Amanda Black     Group Tour Magazine

Miller Boat Line wins business of the year
04/05/2014     by Jasmine Cupp     The Beacon

OCIC lauds business and industry
04/04/2014     by Jessica Denton     Port Clinton News Herald

Miller Boat Line sets sail Monday
04/04/2014     Sandusky Register

Family Fun in Put-in-Bay, Port Clinton, and Cedar Point
04/03/2014     by Jenny Steadman     Macaroni Kid Cleveland East

Summer is coming
04/01/2014     by Melissa Topey     Sandusky Register

Summer at Lake Erie & Cedar Point
04/01/2014     Sharon the Moments

Ice fishing season runs long
03/23/2014     by Dave Golowenski     Columbus Dispatch

Abrupt end usually the case for Lake Erie ice fishing
03/21/2014     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

The Best Travel Finds of 2014
03/20/2014     Redbook Magazine  

Ways to warm up at Lake Erie Shores & Islands
03/19/2014     by Megy Karydes     The Daily Herald

Lake Erie ice fishing has been fantastic this winter, but the party's almost over
03/14/2014     by D'Arcy Egan     The Plain Dealer

PHOTOS: The ship house that overlooks Lake Erie
03/12/2014     Scuttlebutt Sailing News

OSU hopes to renovate old castle on island
03/09/2014     by Steve Stephens     The Columbus Dispatch 

Ice limits islander travel options to the air
03/06/2014     Channel 13 ABC

Five ways to celebrate Daylight Saving Time
03/06/2014     Norwalk Reflector

24 Reasons You Should Stop Underestimating Ohio
03/04/2014     by Suzy Strutner     Huffington Post Travel

U.S. Coast Guard tug Ohio at Miller Ferry Dock
02/28/2014     The Beacon

Redfern frees funds for state park improvements
02/28/2014     Port Clinton News Herald

The Other Face of Put-in-Bay
02/26/2014     by Heather Steinberger     Lakeland Boating

Marina overhaurl underway
02/24/2014     Port Clinton News Herald

Get off the ice, Ohio's coming through
02/21/2014     Sandusky Register

Icebreaker scheduled to clear path from Put-in-Bay to Catawba
02/20/2014     by D'Arcy Egan     The Plain Dealer

Coast Guard warns Lake Erie community of ice-breaking activity
02/20/2014     Coast Guard News

The Benson Ford Ship House
02/15/2014     Retrokimmer.com

Lake Erie is the walleye capital of the world in winter, as well as summer
02/14/2014     by D'Arcy Egan     The Plain Dealer

Students get their hands on history
02/13/2014     by Alissa Widman     Sandusky Register

Ice Fishing On Lake Erie - The Thrilling Winter Beauty of Lake Erie Shores & Islands
02/12/2014     by Jody Overland     Tourist Meets Traveler

Emerging wine regions target groups for grape getaways
02/10/2014     by Zachary Chouteau     Meetings Focus

Construction of new docks on Put-in-Bay frozen in its tracks
02/06/2014     by Jasmine Cupp     The Beacon News

Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail revisited
02/06/2014     by Dominique King     Midwest Guest

Fishing good, conditions vary daily
02/05/2014     Port Cliton News Herald

Big fish and good ice
02/05/2014     by James Proffitt     Port Clinton News Herald

Huge Catch: Angler lands monster walleye from Lake Erie
01/26/2014     by Alex Green     Sandusky Register

Ice fishing going strong on Lake Erie
01/25/2014     Mansfield News Journal

Five Ways to Melt the Ice During the Arctic Blast in the Lake Erie Shores & Islands
01/24/2014     by Megy Karydes     TravelingMom.com

Breaking the ice not going so nice
01/22/2014     by Alex Green     Sandusky Register

Back on ice: Cold winter warms up ice fishing industry
01/19/2014     by Tom Jackson     Sandusky Register

This 90-Year-Old Cargo Ship is Actually a Cliffside Home
01/16/2014     by Spencer Peterson     Curbed

Wine, Food & Fun on Lake Erie Shores
01/09/2014     by Marcia Frost     Girls Getaway

Room with an ocean view: 90-year-old ship serving as a holiday home hanging over a cliff on Lake Erie
01/06/2014     Mail Online

Ice fisherman likely only ones cheering bitter cold
01/05/2014     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

Beaver Island loses basketball game, but meeting with Put-in-Bay was a winner for both island schools
12/10/2013     by Peter Wallner     MLive

Put-in-Bay basketball team defeats Michigan islanders
12/09/2013     by Vanells McCray     Toledo Blade

Island to island: Put-in-Bay team makes long trek to Michigan
12/09/2013     by Vanessa McCray     Toledo Blade

Tiny schools surrounded by water square off
12/08/2013     by Vanessa McCray     Toledo Blade

Beaver Island wecomes kindred spirit from Ohio for some basketball on the fly
12/05/2013     by Peter Wallner     MLive

The Other Face of Put-in-Bay
12/04/2013     by Heather Steinberger     Lakeland Boating

11 Island Escapes in the U.S.
12/02/2013     by Lisa McElroy     AARP

Library card looking good
11/25/2013     by Tome Jackson     Sandusky Register

Put-in-Bay parks on the right path
11/23/2013     by Tom Jackson     Sandusky Register

Bi the numbers: Battle brings in millions
11/12/2013     by Melissa Topey     Sandusky Register

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial - Economic Impact
11/07/2013     Lake Erie Shores & Islands

Miller Boat Line's ferry M/V South Bass at Great Lakes Shipyard
11/06/2013     by Marex     The Maritime Executive

Miller Ferry Up for Routine Maintenance at Great Lakes Shipyard
11/05/2013     MarineLink.com

Tasting Life on Lake Erie Shores
10/29/2013     by Marcia Frost     Wine & Spirits Travel

Put-in-Bay Island - Ohio
10/27/2013     by Gwendolyn Mulholland     Vacation Maybe   

Hunting the Ghosts of Put-in-Bay
10/24/2013     by Jess Hoffert     Midwest Living Magazine

VIDEO: Middle Bass Island eagle released back to the wild
10/21/2013     by Jason Werling     Sandusky Register

20 Reasons We Love Ohio
10/12/2013     Midwest Living Magazine

Put-in-Bay's Island Wine Festival Awash with Fun & Outstanding Wines
10/08/2013     by Dave Nershi     Toledo Wines & Vines

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Documentary
10/01/2013     by Peter Houston     WGTE Public Media Channel

Tourism wins in War of 1812
09/27/2013     by Tom Jackson     Sandusky Register

A Day at Put-in-Bay with Miller Boat Line
09/20/2013     by Jeanne Stevenson     Life in Cleveland

Seeing Put-in-Bay by Bike
09/19/2013     by Amanda Hicken     Clue Into Cleveland

Lake Erie Watersnake a subspecies of Northern Watersnake found only on the islands
09/15/2013     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

A Very Ohio Island Getaway
09/13/2013     by Rich Beattie     Travel + Leisure

5 Cool Things in Ohio That You Probably Don't Know About
09/12/2013     by Amanda Williams     Roam Right

The Battle of Lake Erie, 200 Years Ago
09/10/2013     by Christopher Klein     History.com

Special ceremony to mark lives lost at Battle of Lake Erie
09/07/2013     by Ron Leonardi     Erie Times

Governor Kasich to speak at Battle of Lake Erie event
09/07/2013     The Toledo Blade

On The Road: Peace on Lake Erie
09/06/2013     by Scott Fais     My News Channel 13

Back to the Wild returns feathered resident to island
09/04/2013     by Jason Werling     Sandusky Register

Thousands witness re-enactment of Perry's 1813 Battle of Lake Erie
09/03/3013     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

U.S. Navy Wins Battle of Lake Erie, Again
09/03/2013     NPR

Re-enactors offer a glimpse of what was
09/03/2013     by James Proffitt     The News Messenger

Battle of Lake Erie re-enactment draws thousands to Put-in-Bay
09/03/2013     by Kristin Bauer     Chronicle Telegram

Celebration makes port in Put-in-Bay
09/03/2013     by Jessica Cuffman     Sandusky Register

History in a bottle: Heineman family celebrates 125 years of wine making
09/03/2013     by Alissa Widman     Sandusky Register

Unexpected Ohio - A Photo Essay
09/03/2013     by Bethany Salvon     Beers & Beans

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial is a big boost for businesses
09/02/2013     by Christine Long     Channel 13 ABC

Photo gallery: Tall ships re-enact 1812 battle on Lake Erie
09/02/2013     Navy Times

Island visitors plan all kinds of activities
09/02/2013     by James Proffitt     The News Messenger

The Battle of Lake Erie reenactment thrills onlookers
09/02/2013     Toledo Blade

Battle of Lake Erie reenactment creates sights, sounds
09/02/2013     Toledo Blade

Battle of Lake Erie commemorated with re-enactment
09/02/2013     WTOL Channel 11

Put-in-Bay | Battle of Lake Erie 2013
09/02/2013     WKYC Channel 3

Two hundred years later, tall ships relive the Battle of Lake Erie
09/02/2013     by Grant Segall     The Plain Dealer

In the Battle of Lake Erie's re-enactment, bet on the Yanks to win again
09/02/2013     by Grant Segall     The Plain Dealer

Tall ships draw crowds and smiles
09/02/2013     by James Proffitt     The News Messenger

Put-in-Bay enjoys huge crowds
09/02/2013     by Kristina Smith     Port Clinton News Herald

Brig Niagara to take part in Ohio battle re-enactment
08/31/2013     by Ron Leonardi     Erie Times

Put-in-Bay Skyline: Our 24 Hours in the Midwest Key West
08/30/2013     by Randy Kalp     Beers and Beans

Tall ships take over Lake Erie
08/30/2013     by Lissa Guyton     Channel 13 ABC

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial in Put-in-Bay
08/29/2013     Channel 13 ABC

The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial promises wide scale reenactment with real canon fire
08/29/2013     by Kristin Byrne     Channel 5 WEWS

OSU's Stone Lab in Put-in-Bay tops list in edutainment
08/29/2013     by Teri Landis     The Examiner

Get ready for the Battle of Lake Erie
08/28/2013     by Tom Jackson     Sandusky Register

South Bass flush with rumbling Europeans
08/28/2013     by James Proffitt     Port Clinton News Herald

Checking out a classic car collection at Skip's Antique Car Museum at Put-in-Bay
08/27/2013     by Dominique King     Midwest Guest

Perry's Longboat to Put-in-Bay
08/26/2013     The Beacon

Put-in-Bay, Ohio: A Quiet Little Town You Have Never Hear Of
08/26/2013     by Seth Hansen     Fall Into Yesterday

Tall ships converging on Lake Erie to re-enact historic War of 1812 battle near Ohio island
08/25/2013     Associated Press

More of Perry's lore found in island cave
08/25/2013     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

Project by sailors documents Erie battle
08/23/2013     by Steve Stephens     The Columbus Dispatch

History comes to life in re-enactment of pivotal battle
08/23/2013     by Carolynn Mostyn     The Suburbanite

Everyday leadership: Preparing your organizational lieutenants can pay off
08/21/2013     The Marietta Times

Put-in-Bay Offers Endless Family Fun
08/19/2013     by Amanda Keeler     The Examiner

Victory on Lake Erie
08/19/2013     The Smithsonian Channel

Summer's last gasp: 10 ways to embrace the waning season, from pools to parks to ice cream and patios
08/15/2013     by Laura DeMarco     The Plain Dealer

Things to do in Ohio: Put-in-Bay
08/15/2013     by Tonya Prater     The Traveling Praters

Video Vault: Put-in-Bay in the winter; When tourists leave and Lake Erie freezes
08/13/2013     by Tom Livingston     Newsnet 5

Is This Ohio's Coolest Town?
08/09/2013     by Jessica Dupuy     Fodor's

A Monday well spent
08/08/2014     by Ashley Stauffer     The Stauffer Shenaningans

Area man casts cannons
08/07/2013     by Vince Guerrieri     Port Clinton News Herald

Hoist the Mainsail on 18 Tall Ships During August's 'Battle of Lake Erie' Festival
08/01/2013     by JetSetCD     Jaunted

Ohio's Shores & Islands: The curious balance between the family and the party destination
08/01/2013     by Francis Vachon     The Celebrity Cafe

Put-in-Bay's Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Celebration
08/01/2013     by Amanda Hicken     Clue into Cleveland

The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Celebration
07/31/2013     by Tonya Prater     The Traveling Praters

Visit Put-in-Bay's History & Outdoors
07/31/2013     by Dominique King     Discover Ohio

US Senate honors Battle of Lake Erie bicentennial
07/30/2013     WKYC.com

What to Read, View and Visit in July and August
07/23/2013     by Gemma Tarlach     Discover Magazine

Visit Put-in-Bay Aboard the Miller Ferry #Ohio #Travel
07/24/2013     by Gina Turner     The Wrestling Addicted Mommy

Put-in-Bay, Ohio Trip
07/24/2013     Justin + Lauren Travels & Adventures

Put-in-Bay: Wait, This Place Is In Ohio?
07/22/2013     by Amanda Williams     Dangerous Business

Visitors rave about new Perry quarter
07/22/2013     by Tom Henry     Toledo Blade

A Mini-Vacation: Put-in-Bay & Kelleys Island!
07/22/2013     by Melissa Carney     I Crashed The Web

South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay to greet tall ships, re-enact Erie battle
07/21/2013     by Steve Stephens     The Columbus Dispatch

South Bass Light Station
07/18/2013     The Beacon

First baby born on Put-in-Bay in 34 years
07/17/2013     by Monica Robins     WKYC Channel 3

Battle of Lake Erie was a key fight
07/14/2013     by Vincent Guerrieri     Fremont News Messenger

Ohio island prepares for battle - in a good way
07/11/2013     by Sarah Jaquay     Chicago Tribune

My First Trip & Review of Put-in-Bay #Travel #Ohio
07/08/2013     by Sandy Jenny     Organize With Sandy

Programs offer range of works for celebrating Independence Day
07/04/2013     by Bill Mayr     The Columbus Dispatch

Put-in-Bay celebrates Independence Day with new citizens
07/04/2014     by Jon Monk     Toledo News Now

Don't Miss History in Action
07/03/2013     by CR Rae     Post South

History hardly lost
07/02/2013     by Matt Markey     Toledo Blade

Rebooting the Family Vacation
07/02/2013     by Christopher Elliott     National Geographic Traveler

Tall Ships Command the Great Lakes en Route to Battle Re-enactment
07/01/2013     by Michael Machosky     Trib Live Lifestyles

Tall Ships Sail into Cleveland on Waves of War of 1812 History
07/01/2013     by Brian Albrecht     Cleveland.com

A Summer Day on Put-in-Bay
06/27/2013     by Traci Curth     The View From My Fishbowl

Put-in-Bay museum honors Perry's Victory
06/22/2013     by Alissa Widman     Sandusky Register

3 Easy Ways to Save on Your Visit to Put-in-Bay
06/21/2013     by Holly Hammersmith     Discover Ohio

Take the Miller Boat Line Ferry to Put-in-Bay
06/20/2013     by Cindy Orley     Akron Ohio Moms

A Delightfully Lazy Day at Put-in-Bay
06/19/2013     by Tonya Prater     The Traveling Praters

Plan your Midwest Island Getaway!
06/18/2013     by Valerie Hoffman     Project Mommy

Topey goes 'Ship's Ahoy'
06/17/2013     by Melissa Topey     Sandusky Register

Miller Ferry on Live on Lakeside
06/14/2013     WKYC Channel 3

This Father's Day Gift Will Go Down in History
06/13/2013     Top Events USA

Put-in-Bay Island Adventure
06/10/2013     by Laura Briedis     MimiVanderhaven

Battle of Lake Erie: By the Numbers
06/10/2013     by David Robert Weible     PreservationNation

Put-in-Bay: Graduating class small but proud
06/08/2013     by Will Ujek     WKYC Channel 3

Put-in-Bay School's 7 grads prepare to leave island life
06/05/2013     by Alissa Widman     Sandusky Register

Miller Ferry & Put-in-Bay Family Fun
05/30/2013     by Tracy Zdelar     Hall of Fame Moms

Miller Boat Line Sponsors Tall Ship U.S. Niagara for Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial
05/28/2013     PR Newswire

Hottest Summer Festivals and Events for 2013
05/27/2013     by Jamie Moore     Smarter Travel

Miller Ferry Road Trippin'
05/21/2013     ABC22 Fox45 Dayton

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Celebration hoists sail on Labor Day weekend
05/16/2013     by Rick Martinez     Group Tour Magazine

Tall ships expected to bring big crowds to bicentennial
05/15/2013     by Catharine Hadley     Port Clinton News Herald

Put-in-Bay events commemorate Battle of Lake Erie
05/15/2013     by Mike Tontimonia     Farm and Dairy

Take a trip with us to South Bass Island
05/13/2013     by Jason Werling     Sandusky Register  

Over-the-Top Wedding Proposals Becoming the Norm
05/03/2013     Yahoo!

Cold, waves don't deter Ohio quarter seekers
04/29/2013     by Paul Gilkes     Coin World

America's Coolest Small Towns 2013
04/24/2013     Budget Travel

Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Celebration
04/24/2013     by Dominique King     Discover Ohio

United States Mint, National Park Service Launch America the Beautiful Quarters Coin Honoring Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial
04/20/2013     The Wall Street Journal

Lake Erie community ready for springtime
04/06/2013     by Vanessa McCray     Toledo Blade

Adventure Awaits in Ohio
04/01/2013     by Tonya Prater     TravelingMom.com

2013 Perry's Victory Quarter Released
04/01/2013     by Rhonda Kay     CoinNews.net

Tall Ships: Float your boat and blow your hair back
03/29/2013     by Thom Patterson     CNN    

Ferry service to Put-in-Bay begins for season
03/16/2013     Channel 13 ABC

Ferry service to Put-in-Bay begins for the 2013 season; a sign of spring for residents, businesses
03/15/2013     by Paul Brest     Channel 5 News

17 beaches we'd like to be lounging on
03/01/2013     by Polina  Marinova     CNN

The place to be in 2013
02/17/2013     The Beacon

USPS Commemoration of War of 1812 Continues in 2013
02/08/2013     USPS Stamps

Guide to this year's Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial
01/09/2013     by Tom Jackson     Sandusky Register

Put-in-Bay Ferry
01/18/2013     by John Stewart     Street Articles   

The Ultimate Bucket List for those who want to Exlore Ohio
01/05/2013     by Tonya Prater     The Traveling Praters

Top Travel Destinations of 2013
01/04/2013     Daytime Television Network

World Events for 2013
12/26/2012     by Margaret Backenheimer     Chicago Tribune

Wrap Yourself in History
December, 2012      Maritime Reporter

Hurricane Sandy causes extreme high winds in NW Ohio
10/29/2012     The Blade

Oktoberfest at Put-in-Bay via the Miller Ferry
10/16/2012     by Alana Munro     The Dawg's Dish Blog

A Day on Put-in-Bay at the Island Wine Festival
10/10/2012     by Amanda Hicken     Clue Into Cleveland

Put-in-Bay Island Wine Fest Features Tidal Wave of Great Wine
10/08/2012     by Dave Nershi     Toledo Wines & Vines

Winey Fun: Thoughts from 2012 Island Wine Fest, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
10/08/2012     by Ann Domeck     The Winey Mom Blog

Put-in-Bay Weekend Away: Miller Ferry
10/07/2012     by Stacia Momany     Free to be Stacia Lee

10 unexpectedly romantic U.S. cities
10/03/2012     by Melissa Burdick Harmon     Yahoo! Travel

Autumn yields bird watching hotspots on Lake Erie
10/02/2012     Group Tour Magazine

Visit Put-in-Bay this Fall for Your Ohio Getaway 
09/28/2012     by Cindy Orley     Akron Ohio Moms

Celebrating Lake Erie
09/23/2012     by Tom Cook     Tom's TNC Travels

Great Vacations in Ohio
September, 2012     by Matthew Schieltz     USA Today Travel

Ohio EcoAdventure: Transported to Island Time in Put-in-Bay
09/20/2012     by Stacy L. Carpenter     Blue Lion Training

Island time - Spending a day at Put-in-Bay
09/18/2012     by Traci Curth     View From My Fishbowl Blog

We're On Island Time... In Ohio
09/15/2012     Beers & Beans

Viva Lake Erie Shores & Islands: An Instagram Session
09/15/2012     Beers & Beans

Bicentennial buoy deployed
09/13/2012     by Peter Houston     The Beacon

Traveling to Put-in-Bay via Miller Boat Line
09/13/2012     by Tonya Prater     The Traveling Praters

Bicentennial marker buoy designates Battle of Lake Erie, War of 1812
09/07/2012     The Vindicator   

A Visit to Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial
08/30/2012     by Melisa Wells     Suburban Scrawl

End of Summer Trip: Put-in-Bay
08/27/2012     by Christina McMenemy     A Mommy Story Blog

Put-in-Bay, Ohio: Stand Inside World's Largest Geode
08/20/2012     RoadsideAmerica.com 

Lake Erie Shores & Islands: A Fun and Easy Trip for Chicago Families
08/16/2012     by Melisa Wells     Suburban Scrawl

Family Friendly Trip to Put-in-Bay
08/16/2012     by Kelly Tarkany     Macaroni Kid Cleveland West

@ Put-in-Bay, Ohio
08/14/2012     by Kari Haugeto     Away is Home

Surprising Sandusky, Ohio
08/13/2012     by W. Andrew Powell     The Gate Entertainment Magazine

The Miller Boat Line: getting you from here to there in and around the Lake Erie Shores and Islands.
08/16/2012     by Melisa Wells     Suburban Scrawl

Ferry to an Erie island getaway
08/02/2012     by Alex Medrano     The Examiner

Vacationing at Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands
07/31/2012     by Carol Cain     Girl Gone Travel

Middle Bass Island Trip
07/24/2012     by T.J. Powell     T.J. Powell Blog   

Program teaches educators about War of 1812 in Ohio
07/23/2012     by Vince Guerrieri

Unsalted: Five reasons for a trip to Lake Erie Shores & Islands- Islands that rock
07/23/2012     Group Tour Magazine

Put-in-Bay: Key West of the Midwest
07/20/2012     by Heidemarie Chernushin 

Descendants of Oliver Hazard Perry to present "Don't Give up the Ship" flag
07/19/2012     The Vindicator

On Ohio's Lake Erie Wine Trail: Getting to South Bass Island
07/11/2012     by JetSetCD     Jaunted

Vintage racing comes to fourth annual Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion
07/10/2012     by Terry Shea     Hemmings Daily

Weekend Recap: Family Fun in Put-in-Bay
07/05/2012     by Kate Davis     kakaty Blog

Put-in-Bay ~ Battle of Lake Erie 1813 video
07/02/2012     by Greg Tye     WOSU 89.7 NPR News

Great American Islands
07/01/2012     Biane Bair & Pamela Wright     Family Circle

Lake Erie makes you young
July, 2012     by G. Sam Piatt     Portsmouth Daily Times

Katherine Boyd's Family Trip to Put-in-Bay
06/25/2012     Q104 Cleveland

Toledo Magazine: Hotel Victory
06/24/2012     The Blade

Pyrate Fest- Put-in-Bay
06/24/2012     by Kristian Campana     OhioFestivals.net

Good Company Morning TV Show
06/22/2012     WKYC TV

Katherine Boyd Takes On Put-in-Bay
06/21/2012     Katherine Boyd     Q104

Birding In The National Parks: Top 10 Birding Spots In The National Park System
06/19/2012     by Kirby Adams

Lake Erie Islands Snapshot
06/18/2012     by Greg Slawson & Candice Lee     GCCreativeStudio

200 Years Ago Today: The War of 1812 Begins
06/18/2012     by Shelley Bishop     A Sense of Family

Top Destinations for Summer Travel: Island Vacations
06/14/2012     AAA TravelViews

Ohio islands provide a fun summer getaway
06/11/2012     by Dick Martin     CentralOhio.com

Middle Bass Island offers a quiet getaway
06/09/2012     by Dick Martin     Outdoor Notebook

Road Trips: South Bass Island's Put-in-Bay
06/06/2012     by Martina Sheehan     Time Out Chicago

Our islands in the sun: South Bass, Kelleys, Middle Bass and Pelee
05/11/2012     by Susan Glaser     Cleveland Plain Dealer

Put-in-Bay's the place for crazy or calm, singles or families
05/11/2012     by Susan Glaser     Cleveland Plain Dealer

Middle Bass Island is the place to go for rest and relaxation
05/11/2012     by Susan Glaser     Cleveland Plain Dealer

Perry's Victory: Miller Boat Line's Ferries Brings Groups
05/05/2012     Group Tour Magazine

Put-in-Bay Getaway! Discovering Ohio
May, 2012     DiscoveringOhio 

Lake Erie Islands Water Film
Summer, 2012     by Greg Slawson & Candice Lee     GCCreativeStudio

Put-in-Bay Team Helps Launch U.S. Navy War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebration
03/28/2012     PR Newswire

An Unexpected Family Destination: Put-in-Bay, OH  The Great Lakes
02/27/2012     The Great Lakes Mariner

Put-in-Bay ferry running routes early
02/01/2012     Channel 13 ABC

Lake Erie ports look to host tall ships in 2013
01/02/2012     Cleveland.com

Eight places to find wild Ohio
12/26/2011     by Bob Downing     Akron Beacon Journal

A Lake Erie Island Science & History Trip for 7th Graders
11/03/2011     by Ann Marie McDonnell

With summer's crowds gone, Put-in-Bay has a quieter vibe
09/25/2011     by Ellen Creager     Detroit Free Press

Put-in-Bay getaway
09/12/2011     by Tesa Nicolanti     2Wired2Tired

Lake Erie Shores, Islands and Cedar Point
09/05/2011     Momo Fali Blog

Plan an Escape to Put-in-Bay
08/17/2011     Akron Ohio Moms

The NPS Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial on Lake Erie
08/06/2011     by Major Jester     Yahoo! Voices

Meet Middle Bass
July, 2011     by David Searls     Lake Erie Living

Put-in-Bay offers Summer Educational Programs
07/29/2011     Columbus Dispatch

Miller Boat Line Ferry to Put-in-Bay
07/25/2011     Thrifty and Chic Mom

Lake Erie Shores & Islands
07/08/2011     by Bruce Wildstein     Valley Scene Magazine

See the Lake Erie Islands Aboard Historic Boat
July, 2011     by Neil Zurcher     One Tank Trips

Paddling Around the Lake Erie Islands
06/03/2011     DiscoverOhio.com

South Bass Island Lighthouse
2011     Scenic USA - Ohio

Island Snake Lady
2011     by Jennifer Keirn     Lake Erie Living

Sail Away to Put-in-Bay
09/25/2010     by April Maher     The Daily Journal-Chicago

Put-in-Bay Ferry & Budget Family Vacation Tips
09/09/2010     by The Vacation Gals

Islanders Relish an Autumn Change of Pace
September, 2010     by Jenny Pavlasek     Ohio Magazine

Middle Bass - Away for a Few Days
08/05/2010     6 Riddles Blog

Lake Erie Island provided refuge for abolitionist's son
06/08/2010     by John Switzer      Columbus Dispatch

Prime Paddling Kayaking around Put-in-Bay 
08/24/2008     by Steve Stephens     Columbus Dispatch     Video

The Ship Residence, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
11/09/2007     by Peter A. Mello     Sea Fever Blog

Travel Ohio: Put-in-Bay
by Karman Hotchkiss     Midwest Living



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Friday, April 25

Earth Day

Saturday, April 26 Put-in-Bay Middle Bass Island
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